red velvet  oreo cupcakeOur cupcakes can be made-to-order in all of our cake flavors.  The ones we feature in the bakery cases are Vanilla, Chocolate, and Red Velvet (pictured).  We have our weekly special, like the oreo cupcake (pictured).  If you guys like them enough, we will keep them around for a while and switch another one out (we like to keep you on your toes).  They can be dressed up for special occasions to your specifications…within reason.  These cupcakes DO NOT SHIP WELL because of the frosting.  It is very light and without sugar.  We can flavor and color our frosting to whatever delights you.  Our cupcakes are great for baby showers, kid’s birthdays, weddings, special meetings at the office, or school birthday parties.  We are a certified kitchen and can be brought into schools for special occasions such as birthdays, graduations, and teacher appreciation.

We offer a variety of sugar cupcakes, and our Red Velvet is always a staple.  They have the most decadent cream cheese frosting that I wish I could put on everything!!! Sooo yummy.

We also offer mini cupcakes.  These are sooo cute, handle well at kid’s birthday parties, and can be bunched up into designs.

Sugar-free Cupcakes

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